So Much to Share

So much catching up to do! Here goes:

Stefan lives here. This is how he spends most of his days.
The dog has decided something that goes like, “Mom, I know you love me and you’ve taken care of me for seven years, but haven’t you heard the saying? It’s Man’s best friend, Mom. Too bad for you.” He made this official during a windy storm a couple night ago when he crawled under the bed under Stefan (instead of on my side), with the giant white, no-licking cone on his head. What a noise that made. It must’ve been 3 or 4 a.m. Stefan moaned to me, “He’s under there with his hat on.” Now how do you like being his best friend?

We’ve had houseguests almost the whole time Stefan’s lived here, and have been away three of four weekends. Then we headed off to Amy’s in St. Gingolph, on Lac Leman.

Stefan worked on Friday and I took Mufasa to the *great* kennel in Bex. He loves it there. Out Amy’s window S snapped photos of the steamer ferries on the lake.

Friday night we went for an early dinner at the Creperie Bretonne in Amy’s little village, which is split right in two by the French border. Dinner was in France and was fantastic. I had the gallette (savory crepe) Provencale, which had ham and cheese and garlic inside and herbed, sauteed tomatoes on top. Yum.

The tiny little village, St. Gingolph, is lovely. We went to Lavey-Les-Bains after crepes. I won’t say too much about that because:
a) I already wrote a bunch about it and
b) my life is getting so good I might have to start being like that woman in the old Pantene hair ads, “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.” Only mine would go, “Don’t hate me because my life is so great.”

Saturday we went questing, which is my dad’s way of saying (borrowed I believe from a Chevy Chase Family Vacation movie) we got in the car and went touristing sort-of aimlessly. We came upon a festival in Monthey, which is Switzerland but seems like France…

After a lunch of raclette (yes, dairy-related tragedy averted) and local sausages we moved on to Montreux, where we boarded the ferry S had been snapping photos of.

That’s Amy’s house there in the middle… she lives in the lower stone part.

Then we knocked around in Montreux for a bit, including taking a nap on a park bench by the water…

We ended a damn near perfect day with a feast with Amy at the Palais Orientale, the Middle Eastern place on the Lake I’ve written about before. A good time was had by all.

On Sunday we worked (we’re both helping Amy run and build her business) and went to pick up Mufasa at the great kennel. He was in a giant fenced area with about five dogs at least as big as him. He didn’t see us at first and we watched him just lying there enjoying himself, hanging out. The owner says he’s the best Great Pyrenees she knows. Said he was just ten minutes earlier wrestling full out with a giant, black Newfoundland and it was great fun to watch. When he saw Stefan he was so excited he squealed and tried to jump the fence — which is especially funny since he won’t even jump into the car for me and I have to lift him up. I think he’s in love with his new man-friend.

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  1. Beautiful pics! A very nice life you two are creating together. Whoops-you three-the white rug on the floor cannot be overlooked.

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