Something big is coming…

I’ve been living on cereal and Pam Houston short stories lately.

That sounds very different from how it actually is, I think.

It sounds very Bridget Jones diary, doesn’t it?

Here’s what I’ve noticed, though… I actually noticed it before big papers as an undergrad then when I produced big projects in tv in Southern California and then again when I was writing my Master’s thesis, then with big projects with the Gronstedt Group when I lived with Steve (it drove him nuts to watch this), then with the Ph.D. dissertation, of course, and now here we are and I notice this again and am still surprised… go figure.

Sometimes when something big’s coming, a big spurt of creativity, of creation…. I cocoon. I hunker down under the covers, with comfort food — lots of carbs and chocolate — and I get ready. It’s like I’m storing up and savoring my creative juices, and seasoning them with cocoa. I baked a chocolate cake last night while I was eating chocolate mousse. I’m not kidding. I don’t make this stuff up just for you. Most everything on this blog is 100% true. (Well, some of the stuff about the Frenchman was a little exaggerated…)

But something big is coming.. I think maybe it’s a book. Maybe it’ll come out in three days like my Ph.D. dissertation did. One and a hlaf days would be better because I gotta go back to teaching on Monday and have a big lecture to give on Thursday night to the whole Lugano and Franklin College community.

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