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Hello, my friends and family. This is an experiment in what we can be up to together. Today I made a $100 tax-deductible donation to the Media Coordinator of a small elementary school in rural North Carolina. She’s raising money to buy books for her rookie readers. She only needs $335 to meet her target.

It’s easy to support teachers all over the US — Donors Choose at has set up a system where teachers post projects that need funding and people all over the world able to make tax-deductible donations of any size do so. It’s great the stuff that we can make possible! Maybe you can finish off that teacher’s goal and we’ll take on another? What do you say?

I am doing this — and donating globally on (maybe you’ve seen on tv… Bill Clinton talked about it in his books and discusses it a lot on tv)– because I believe we can do better than the current gross disparity between the rich and the poor. We can do this ourselves right now. Thank goodness new media technology is making this possible quickly, too!

I also believe we can generate good news with projects like this. Mainstream media will shift to reflect the changing paradigm — the conversations on the planet are not all doom and gloom despite what you see on the daily 4 o’clock news. Wonderful, generous, important things are happening every day. The media do not reflect our power and kindnss back to us… yet!

Please join me in the incredible new movement to redistribute wealth and create new possibilities for people everywhere. Let’s see how much we can raise just from this little blog-a-thon! To donate to school teachers who’ve posted their needs, click here. I selected four projects I really liked and that are in high-poverty areas of the US. You can go to to see many, many more proposals posted by teachers all over the US.

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  1. Back when I worked at an ESL program in Boulder for high school aged kids, I saw first hand how many resources we needed that we’d never get from the district. And I thought, wouldn’t it be great if there was a website where teachers could request specific things, like money for 10 notebooks, and donors could give directly to those teachers. And then I found donors choose, and I was thrilled. Someone is finally doing it! I like when I have a good idea that comes to fruition. Especially when I don’t have to make it happen myself. 😉 Now if someone would only make herbal tea “juice boxes” for kids.

    Hope you’re doing swell.


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