summer 2006 — a travel odyssey PART 1

Oh lordy-be! So sorry… I haven’t blogged in a long, long time and some of you are emailing me wanting to know what gives… here you’ll have it… and this post is in three parts because the photos are too big to all go on one…

I have been in Florida, Colorado and Sweden since last I posted, and just returned last night to Switzerland. My Mom is here and Mufasa is sick.

But here’s what I learned on Summer 2006: A Travel Odyssey (only partially completed, travel resumes shortly).

I looooove my friends. These are mostly Extreme Measures friends. You can click on the photos to see it larger. It was the 10th anniversary of Ben and Joe (see them near the BBQ below) starting the a capella group we later called Extreme Measures. We got together twice when I was there — once for a FACE concert in Boulder (they ROCK!) and then at Ben and Laurie’s house. Forest took a great photo below of the kids’ play table — who gave the kids the beer???!! With this bunch, it doesn’t matter how many babies or weddings or years happen, we know each other so well, it’s like nothing ever happens at all and we just fall right into chatting. I love that about them. They feel like my tribe. I love the photo of me on the couch with the boys!

And then there’s Joe’s house. I covet Joe’s house… or more exactly, the land it is on. This is not a rhetorical question: How could I buy 5 acres in Nederland? If I could, I would, and as quickly as possible. I love it there. It reminds me of why I loved Colorado in the first place. It feels like home more than anyplace else.

see Part II for what happened next…

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