Summer in Switzerland

Summer in Switzerland is winding down, and shoved around intense bouts of unpacking, moving in, working, creating new work and doing all our normal day-to-day stuff, S and I have been doing exactly the kinds of things one must do in summer in Switzerland… and we’ve had company:

This is Stefan’s Dad last weekend

and Stefan’s Mom

We were going up the Rothorn (a large mountain in central Switzerland) on a funicular that was so steep Mufasa suddenly slid along the metal floor! I had ahold of his neck on the leash, but there was nothing for him to hold on to and the ride was long! He’s such a trooper; he didn’t even bark.

The views along the way and at the top were magnificent. We had lunch on the top.

Can you spot the goats in this photo?

After we’d landed back along the lake, we walked its shores and found a little cafe for a snack. S’s Dad said (in German, translation not exact), “This isn’t a walk, it’s an eating experience!”

This was the view from our table…

That was last Saturday. Last Sunday we met up with my parents in Wengen (one of my favorite places) for another day of more eating-with-a-view than hiking…

Can you spot the village in the photo? It’s Murren.

All this eating, hiking and mass transit wore Mufasa out… this is him asleep on my foot on the way down. The funny thing about this is that my legs were crossed and this foot is several inches up off the ground. A perfect headrest, I guess, for a big dog.

* all photos except this last one by Stefan

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