Summer vacations

So tomorrow morning I’m off on one last great hurrah… for this summer. Going to visit with my new beau, meet his co-workers and boss, and then head with him to Austria with most of his very German family. What an adventure! I don’t think they (the family) speak English. I wonder if they’ll all go in the sauna with us! I went to the local chocolate factory today — recall the “M&M’s make friends” commercial… how can I go wrong with a bag of assorted Swiss chocolates in hand?

Today my friend Alesia totally changed my plans. No, not true… it’s just that she’s great at making time for adventures around Switzerland — it was her idea when we went skiing in Davos together; rafting, too, I think. Today she said, “You wanna go hiking?” You know, I think of Colorado as hiking… I never really thought about hiking here… but off we went today with dogs in car… and drove through the loveliest little Italian (Swiss geographically, but Italian in so many ways) towns… Melide, Vico Morcote… up, up, up in the mountains from the lake… and then we hiked on wooded trails that could have been in Colorado! It was beautiful and Mufasa likes living here more and more each day.

So I’m at my computer now tying up loose ends beore I run off for one last summer adventure. School obligations begin here the day I return (Monday). Next week I’ll post: Summer 2006, A Travel Photo Odyssey!

What do you love and remember from summer vacations? I love that I still have summer vacations!

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