Fall in CPH

I booked myself two extra days in Copenhagen this trip. Two whole days  – with friends and solo – in sunny, crisp, cool air… wandering streets, shopping, eating good food. It was a rare treat in one of my favorite cities.

There’s a misconception in the U.S. that because the Danish government levies taxes and administers public services it is socialist. That is not what socialist means, and if it were I’d be asking to sign right up.

Working in a multimillion dollar corporate headquarters then shopping on Strøget, I can tell you capitalism is alive & well in Copenhagen. Yes, it’s true that accumulating tremendous capital is challenging with Danish tax rates, but the quality of life is fantastic & if you have 3 or 4 kids the benefits outweigh the costs.

One thing I loved was all the gluten-free options, as tons of Scandinavians are celiacs & I’ve discovered I have a nasty reaction to wheat (not convenient but I feel so much better). I actually bought a big box of cereal & brought it back in my suitcase. I tried 3 groceries before I found these. They’re in the basement of Magasin du Nord.

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We are what we eat.

FoodIncLast week I went to see Food, Inc. I cannot recommend it highly enough.  Everyone should see it.  It’s not fun (I *did* laugh out loud a couple times, though.), overall it’s pretty tough viewing.  There were multiple scenes where I actually closed or covered my eyes. The woman next to me cried through a portion of the film.

I think she was crying because of the children dying of E.coli when there are things we could do to lessen the outbreaks; it may have been from the scenes of the mass slaughter of animals.

That’s not why I cried.

I cried because I am one of millions and millions of Americans for whom “normal” foods are no longer safe.  One day when I was 29 years old, in the American Eagle Outfitter in Boulder’s old Crossroads Mall, I doubled over in pain.  It took doctors months to figure out what the problem was.  I couldn’t keep food down and lost over 1o% of my body weight in the first few weeks.

My immune system has gone haywire. Some doctors called it lupus, some sarcoid, some arthritis. I have become allergic to many things, and it all stems from what we’re doing to our food, especially corn. I’m allergic to corn. Many of you and your children and your friends probably are, too, and don’t know it yet. When you see Food, Inc. you’ll understand exactly why.

So I feel bad about the E.coli and the slaughter, but I cried in Food, Inc. for every flavor of Häagen-Dazs ice cream I’ll never get to taste. I cried for every tub of popcorn and Coke I’ll never enjoy, every ear of sweet summer corn I will never again savor. I cried for every time somebody will look at me like I’m being difficult and I’ll stop myself from explaining. I cried out of anger, too: it doesn’t have to be this way for me and millions of other people and no one will be held accountable.  Damn them that I can’t eat that Häagen-Dazs!

There’s good news here, too: check out and support farmers and companies that don’t use the massive conglomerates for their ingredients.  Several are featured in the film. Buy local and organic. Buy companies that refuse to use corn syrup. Some of my favorites are Newman’s Own (love the dark chocolate peanut butter cups I just tried) and Stonyfield Farm (Gary Hirshberg, Stonyfield’s current President and CE-Yo, is great in the film).

One other thing: this trend toward conglomeration and consolidation… four or five big companies owning an industry and absolutely killing it… you know, it’s not foodrenegadefist_150new.  We know the downfall of the robber barons, the downfall of the news industry today… they came from the same pattern and consequences of corporate consolidation.  Political intervention is required here.  No one is going to do this for us.  It’s not a partisan issue, it’s a public health issue.  A movement’s mounting.  You can see some of its members in Food Renegade’s Fight Back Fridays!

Okay, that was all the politics I’ve got. It’ll be a while until I talk politics again, probably.

Momentary Random Rant

As soon as school is over and I have a little bit more time, I am starting a new blog. It will be about media — about things people should see but don’t have access to and things we really don’t need to see and are even undermining decency, common sense and democracy.

One of the first posts will be called, “If Americans knew…” It’s not an original title, there are sites with that name. But I’ve just seen a video released in 2004 that I think would unite Americans on the far right and the far left if they knew what was really happening. It should be shown everywhere — in schools and libraries, in town hall meetings and summer film series. It’s about how the federal government has purposefully ignored or rewritten the US Constitution and international law to illegally arrest, deport, investigate and otherwise harass citizens, immigrants, librarians, even scuba diver shop owners, yes you heard right! I have two other videos like it that are even more in-depth, but this is a start. People should know these things if we say we live in a democracy.

Next up will be the deplorable coverage NBC aired and distributed last week. I hate to even rerun the image I have in mind, but I think it’s important. The post will be called, “What were they thinking?!” And I’ve read op-ed piece they ran to justify it. Nonsense.