Taylor Mali

An old flame referred me to a great Web site: Taylor Mali’s.

My new favorite poem is there. I also love this audio poem, What Teachers Make — this is what my former love referred me to in the first place. My students told me yesterday that Mali visited campus last year and was great. I’m so sorry I missed him.

In finding my voice, and in creating these blogs and sharing them with friends, I’ve encountered poetry again — in Helen’s blogs, in Andrew’s lyrical way, in Katia’s brother’s music.

I’m finding my way back to poetry. For now, enjoy Taylor Mali. I’m off; students await.

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  1. hey you, sorry I haven’t responded sooner. I am a no for the hot air balloon invitation, I not only have been in one but bungey jumped off of one! Thank you for asking me to join you though. Can’t wait to see you. As it gets closer definitely let me know your plans so we can firm up a time. happy moving!

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