The Life List

Here’s a retake on the last post, which must not have been inspirational or motivational in any way, because nobody responded! :-0

So another way to think of it comes from this New York Times article from a few weeks ago. It’s about “Life Lists.” Apparently one trend sweeping the nation (& world) and about to show up as the plotline in a Rob Reiner film is the idea of creating a list of things you want to see, do, be or accomplish in your lifetime.

Hmmm… I like it.

I think I store my life list in my head, but you know how storing things in your head goes: one day it’s all I can think about and then I forget about it for years at a time.

I decided to search around a bit for info on life lists and found this great post by a guy who thought his wife would never approve of some of the things on his.

Some of the things on my life list include:
– scuba dive again
– become a beautiful skier
– have at least two books published
– get monthly massages
– pay or raise money for disadvantaged kids to get great educations
– keep connecting people with similar interests and commitments in different parts of the world

I don’t know what else will be on it, but I do know it’s changed. Have or adopt a baby used to be on it, but it isn’t anymore.

What would go on your life list?

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