The Perfect Day

Hurry and come to Ticino to visit, we’re running out of time for me to show you my favorite places!  There’s this magical place I love to go. It’s not far from here, but feels a world away. George Clooney could walk up any minute, and that just makes it even more perfect.

I love surprising guests by taking them there. We drive across the border to Italy and turn at Como Nord toward Lake Como, then drive up the narrow winding road along the lake.

This is actually NOT the best way down...
This is actually NOT the best way down...

At a little village called Sala Comacina we park and walk down to a boat ramp. You have to know which one.

Sala Comacina

doors of sala comacina

door near boat ramp

boat ramp's here

There a little local guy sits in his traditionally-shaped boat (What do they call those things?), ready to whisk you off to the only island, Isola Comacina.

It’s uninhabited except for a couple of Dobermans. They’re fenced up during the day, though, and a restaurant is open (not all year – be sure to check and call). It’s a set menu and has been the same for decades. Arrive early and stay late. make a day or a long, long evening of it. I’ve been on hot and cold, wet, rainy nights and also during the day. A sunny day like this past Saturday is the ultimate in decadence. It’s the perfect day: Alps, boats, sunshine, Roman ruins, fabulous food, nap in the grass… may you enjoy good company as I did. This time I brought two queen sized sheets so we could sleep off the wine after lunch. That is exactly what we did! And then I made this little iMovie about it. Enjoy!

If you sleep and hike long enough you may need more gelato on the ride home. This place in Argegno, on the way back to Como, makes it homemade and it is good! The chocolate sauce and strawberries were especially fantastic.


Argegno gelato

I decided this weekend that even after I’ve moved, Lago di Como is a place I’ll always return to…

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  1. I am so with you. It is hard to leave, to say good-bye and it is very exciting not knowing what is around the next corner…I think this is why most people just stay home. Keep on truckin’
    Love Lori

  2. These pics apture the simplicity of the little towns dotting the lake.
    But nothing can capture the food! And that gelato-oh my!

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