Things that have romance…

I was surfing my friends’ blogs this morning and clicked into Blueberry Pie. She is not my friend, but an acquaintance of a friend. The point is, on her blog she mentioned the J. Peterman catalog. I have not thought about the J. Peterman catalog in years. There was that one time when I realized that the character on Seinfeld worked there, but before that, starting fifteen years ago (Has it been that long, R?) J. Peterman meant only one thing to me… and only one of you knows what it is.

It’s funny how a mention or a smell or even an idea comes along in normal, day-to-day life and then “Bam!” you’re fifteen years away in your head, enjoying some long-since-lost friend’s company in a house you rented for less than you pay for dog food now. I’m using the second person pronoun very loosely here, of course.

Anyway, on the J. Peterman home page there’s this quote:

“People want things that are hard to find. Things that have romance, but a factual romance, about them.”

What great writing prompts! “Things that have romance…” or “A factual romance…” or “Fifteen years ago…” or “____________ takes me back to…”

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