This is why I teach…

I told students last week that I was leaving the University. After our last class today, a big, tough-guy student handed me a letter. It read, in part:

“…the two classes I have taken with you have taught me more and invigorated me more than all of the journalism classes I have taken here. I could literally feel myself learning and it was exciting. …thank you for trying your hardest to make me a smarter person. Your time here has touched me and many others too. Again, thank you.”

I get a lot of messages like that. It almost balances out the low pay!

I will miss these students. Though I don’t spend time with them outside of my professional duties, they’ve made up most of my personal contact and interaction now that I live alone again. I also have some real characters in these classes! They make me laugh. This has been a surprisingly good year.

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  1. WOW. That is awesome. You are so lucky to get to do work that inspires people so much! I get though that it’s also the way that you are that does that. Because there are a lot of boring teachers out there. I didn’t realize that you are being public about leaving. Good for you. When do you leave for your trip? Soon yes?

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