Tuesday Tidbit: What I’m Reading

I got an Amazon Kindle recently and absolutely adore it. It’s tiny and holds something like 1500 books! Amazing.

Wander WomanOn the plane from Atlanta to Milan the other day I finished reading my colleague Marcia Reynolds’ Wander Woman: How High-Achieving Women Find Contentment and Direction. Wow! Never in my life have I read anything so completely, 100% geared to me, my psyche, my life. If you fit the demographic and have been wandering yourself, have a look at it. It’s PERFECT for where I am right now in life.  I appreciated reading it tremendously.

Next was Nancy Lublin‘s Zilch: The Power of Zero in Business. I’m reading it nodding on every page, because her lessons from the non-profit world (she started Dress for Success and runs Do Something!) are right on. I’m highlighting many parts, which is sort-of a hassle with a Kindle. One thing to note: I’ve never seen a book with so many typos. Is this just on the Kindle edition? I’m finding a typo on almost every page. It’s bizarre. Is that the power of zero – no proofreaders? I am letting it go because I admire her work so much; this is a heads-up for those of you who are like me, though, and see typos as an affront to the natural order of the Universe. Or something.

Finally, you may be wondering why I chose the Kindle over other e-readers. I have 3 words for you: free international downloads. I tried this out immediately upon landing at Malpensa airport, just north of Milan. In the in-flight magazine I learned about Young World Rising: How Youth, Technology and Entrepreneurship Are Changing the World From the Bottom Up. While I waited for my shuttle to Lugano, I downloaded it in the airport parking lot instantly and for free (paid for the book, no download fee, though).

Can I count that as among the most amazing things I’ve ever done?  After riding on an elephant in JaipurIndia or jumping off a mountain in the Swiss Alps, you may think this an exaggeration…. but for me, after years in a town without English books, this is the height of excitement. I guess that could be the start of another post: You know it’s time to move when…

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  1. I’m resisting getting any kind of electronic book reader, I love the feel of a real book in my hands and refuse to give it up just yet…I’m sure if I travelled as much as you and couldn’t get books in my Mother Tongue I would feel differently. Looking forward to watching as you find your new path.

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