Up in the Air

I’ve been on the road 41 of 2011’s 55 days so far. This by far surpasses my normal travel schedule. I’m starting to feel like George Clooney in Up in The Air. Fortunately I travel the world to inspire, not fire, people!

A few things make this work for me (as much as it can), though:

– I LOVE hotels!
Love the crisp white sheets, housekeeping service, the big bathtub in the hotel I’m in now.

– Room service is one of the great treats in life.
‘Nuff said. I can act all business-traveler-like… but every time it’s delivered I’m delighted & could jump up and down clapping  like a little girl. I love the cart, or when they carry the tray up over their shoulders, love the cute little jars of mustard and jam. The whole bit. Love, love, love room service!

– I love the work I do. Love, Love, LOVE it!
I’m so grateful to get to meet executives all over the world and support them with their challenges and biggest opportunities. My only wish is that I’d get to reconnect more frequently with the good people I meet & get to continue our work further.

– The last couple trips I’ve been able to see many, many people I know… from 2 acquaintances who happened to be in town working too (Manila + Houston) to lifelong, close, dear friends whose children I’ve been able to meet and play with in between days working.

Pleasure + Connection + Rewarding Work = 1 Happy Adventurer!
(Also not having any dishes to do really helps!)

Today I was served up a new travel dilemma: how to get from a June safari with friends (winding up in Zambia) to work in Chengdu, China (where the giant pandas are!). Never in a million years did I imagine this would be the kind of problem I’d need to solve… I call this a Problem Worth Having. Do you have Problems Worth Having?

Soundtrack: “There’s a Rugged Road.” Shawn Colvin covering

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  1. Watched “Up in the Air” for the first time last Saturday. Kinda ends on a sad note so maybe not the best illustration of you lifestyle ?

    I agree on the positive parts of business travel though – even though hotel rooms in Europe don’t always have a bath tub and room service often deliver cold food…

  2. I absolutely do…and have been thinking about this very intently this week, absolutely in awe of the life I’m living.

    You are an inspiration!!

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