Welcome to the neighborhood

I love the doors and gates along our morning walk. I wonder how old it all is, what stories they each could tell…

I thought I’d take you along today… it’s beautiful.

I just can’t get over that I live in a neighborhood with frescoed buildings. There’s more than one fresco like this along our walk, but this was the best photo.

The roses were especially beautiful today.

We are up on a hill over the lake. Can you see that there was mist and fog down on the lake rising behind these flowers?

I love the whimsy of the set of windows painted onto the side of this building. Mufasa doesn’t chase the cat painted sitting in one…

In other news:
I’ve bought my first shoes here. I think this is important, because you can totally tell a person by her shoes. Check these out.

This is my next door neighbor’s house. (I’m standing in my living room taking this photo.) I sit at my lovely new dining table drinking my morning coffee and wonder what they’re up to in the Balmelli Villa, as it’s called. I wonder what they watch on that satellite dish perched atop their mansion… oh to be a Balmelli. Actually, half of everybody in Gentilino is a Balmelli, and it’s been made clear to me that they don’t all live in such grand style.

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  1. Oh my god those scenes! the doors and the shoes and the cobblestone streets. how totally foreign and yet exotic but lonely-foreign too right? I’m so so proud of you. It’s going to be (and already is) an unforgettable journey for you, it takes something bold to be there, I’m sure. Thank you for sharing it with us…

  2. becky,

    you have found adventure… and maybe aspects of it are sweeter since the path is sometimes rocky…

    I think you should start a rumor around campus, and I am sure you could do it in a very factual, matter of fact way..

    the rumor would go something like “gosh, doesnt everyone know florida women all carry large caliber handguns in their purses, and they use them on asshole men to improve the quality of the species, oh and in america this is not a crime…..”

    oh, and mufasa is a unique breed of dog, a colorado breed, who, although sweet 99.9% of the time, has recieved lifelong training to rip the nuts off of anyone who exhibits bullying behavior!!”.

    all this said.. this pics are wonderful… blogs like this can keep those who are so distant, still close in experience…


  3. Thanks for the walk through town. What an environment! How officially european! (And I do love the shoes.)
    I can hardly wait to come play with you and Mufasa. I’m eager to share Becky’s Big Adventure. And I do love art….
    I know, all too well, those feelings of wanting to be linked more closely to such incredible new surroundings. It does fill in.

  4. I check your blog often, Becky. You live in such a beautiful place, it’s amazing. I’m glad you’re standing up to the old stodges that need and earful! You have always been such a courageous woman, which is why you’re there in the first place. As long as I’ve known you, people have been drawn to you…it’ll happen!

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