What I love about my life

Someone asked me recently what I love about my life. I love my morning walks with Mufasa. I love the neighborhood, getting out in the sun, the little old man who tends the most beautiful garden I have ever seen.

But I forget that I love this part of my life so much.

Many mornings I wake up thinking, “I wish I didn’t have to take Mufasa for a walk today.” Many mornings he waits patiently for hours til we go for our walk. When I have guests, they frequently take him for his morning stroll and I stay home altogether.

And then there was this morning.

We walked out the back gate of my yard into the community parking lot. My car was the first one parked by my house, thank goodness. Mufasa saw a cat and took off running between my car and a little concrete wall that surrounds my back yard. It all happened very fast. I got dragged face-first somehow. It must have been that I just couldn’t fit between my car and the wall. I ended up head-into-hood. Somehow my hand and leg were scraped up too.

Today was the day I remembered my camera and it wound up lying broken in the parking lot. And then the dog still needed his walk! Off we went, on the thing I love about my life… my face and knee and hand bleeding, holding the batteries in the camera!

By the time I got home I wasn’t even upset. Here’s why:

I love the incredible variety of flowers I see on my daily walks, and the intensity of the colors: blues and reds, bright white, so many shades of green, yellows, hot pink, the cool brown of the forest floor.

I love the sculpture in the garden here. I love these weathered blue shutters and the faded red words painted on the side of this building who knows when, barely still visible.

I love the lone pear on this tree.. and that there are beautiful, plump, perfectly purple grapes growing in the chicken coop!

We’ve been at school for eleven working days and I already cried. HA! The big joke last year was asking me, “Did you cry at your desk today?” So now maybe it’ll be at every new school year, “How many days til you cry?” I know I’m not the only one, one of my predecessors said she cried all the time, too. And neither of us are big criers.

Still, I love the flexibility of this job. I love that I know that I can be great at it and make a difference. I love getting to work with students. It just doesn’t seem right to be at a job that makes you cry this much, though, does it? I’ve gotta work on that. Maybe I should take pictures of the students to put up here, too!

What do you love about your life?

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