What Sweden looks like

No time — Mom’s here waiting for me. I went to Sweden to deliver an academic paper at the 5th International Conference on Media, Religion and Culture. There were about seven of us who’ve at some point been associated with CU-Boulder who were there, including two of the Professors from my Ph.D. committee, Stewart Hoover and Erika Doss, and one old friend and fellow Ph.D. student, Lynn. It was wonderful to see them!

The conference was held in a retreat center in Sweden’s oldest town, Sigtuna. I can’t recommend it enough — the town or the retreat center.

In summer, Sweden blooms and basks in all-day sun… the sun set after 11 or so and one night when I had jet lag it was daylight just after 4 a.m.! I saw whole families waiting for the bus, their faces and bodies turned up, oriented toward the sun… and a lot of people were very tan. It was also extremely hot, which surprised me.
I saw an article yesterday in an IKEA catalog about a young couple who had an old RV they parked on a beach in Sweden in the summer. I would like that. It was gorgeous.
We went to the University town, Uppsala one evening and had coffee in the absolutey perfect light blue salon/coffee house you see here… also went on a three-hour dinner cruise down the river and through the lake from Uppsala to Sigtuna. Beautiful. We ate a lot of reindeer and salmon every day.
And back at home, the neighbors and mom held down the fort. The villa next door never changes, but Mom put one of my lawn chairs out in the yard to soak up the Swiss sun… it’s hot here too.
More later, must run now…

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