When in Morcote

Morcote (pronounced more-CO-tay) is a lovely little lakeside village not too far from here.  In the summer there are a lot of tourists, in the winter it’s mostly closed up… but in the shoulder season that’s just starting now, it’s perfect. Not too crowded, not too loud. We go sometimes for dinner, a stroll and gelato on the lake.

If you go, there are many restaurant choices.  Don’t be fooled; they look more or less the same but they’re not.  Always eat at Della Posta. Call ahead to reserve a table on the first floor (that’s the second story for North Americans) terrace.  If it’s a romantic dinner, ask for the little terrace with only one table. I recommend the saltimbocca with rosotto. It’s about as authentic a local dish as you’ll get. They have rooms, too, that get decent reviews on tripadvisor.com. I don’t know anything else about those.

Morcote PostaAfterward, whether you’re still hungry or not, have gelato from the guy two doors down. It’s that good.

Oh! And check out this sign by the restaurant door.  I think maybe it means it was the post office since 1383.


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