Yard sale

I had a moving/garage sale yesterday and made $1400! I sold almost all of my furniture — which is funny b/c now I am living out of boxes for the next couple of months. The young couple who bought most of it said I can keep a few big pieces til I leave. Perfect.

I am online today trying to figure out how Swiss health insurance works. Every once in a while I have a thought like, “I can’t believe I agreed to move to a foreign country!” Several things have happened lately that make me realize I need to learn Italian (maybe some German, too) fast… but I am not worried, I’m living life lusciously lately.

Life is going very slowly here… even though I know this is not the place for me long-term, sometimes I still have these perfect moments. Last night Mufasa and I went for a long-ish rollerbalde and he didn’t try to chase any birds, cats or rabbits. Afterward I sat down in the doorway to my little cottage to take off my rollerbaldes, Mufasa lay panting on the front deck, the sunset was gorgeous oranges and reds all across the sky and I was so peacefully happy. Everything was just right.

I don’t really have any friends or much to do outside of work, so I have the luxury of slow, lazy days and filling my time as I like. I rollerbalde and walk the dog, I watch Grey’s Anatomy; I rent movies a lot.

I’m reading the books I’ve selected to use next semester and making a plan for those courses. I teach four days a week right now. Tomorrow I’ll clean and sort and start to pack my office.

Life is good. I am eager to go on this long road trip with my big dog this summer. Eager for the next adventure!

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