Years in review

The last 3 years I’ve made year-end iMovies and am so glad to have them now. I hope they’ll be great fun to look back on, and the process of making them is revelatory.

So much happens in a year! It’s easy to lose track. They’re not at all expressions of everything that happened. I was in Denmark somewhere between 5 – 10 times last year and that’s not in here at all. I also nearly burned down my apartment building right before I had to move out. None of the photos of the smoked out kitchen are in there. For, perhaps, obvious reasons.

Really… 2012 was a tough year. I had to move twice and live in friends’ places for a couple months in between. I wasn’t sure if I’d get a residence permit ’til it came through in August. Oh, then there was the skin cancer removed from my face. That actually turned out to be great fun!  Which is the overarching theme of the year — there is beauty EVERYWHERE.

When your sweet 100-lb. dog has three grand mal seizures in one afternoon, lets loose gallons of pee on the oriental rug, and licks your face to thank you for taking care of him? Beauty. When the surgeon tells you you MUST stop laughing so he can stitch your eyebrow back up straight? Beauty. What’s featured here? These are just personal highlights that have good pictures to go along with them. Beauty is everywhere, people. Everywhere.

The most interesting thing about making the videos has been the song selection — every single time I start this process a song has popped into mind immediately as the only possible theme song for the year. You’ll notice that each of the songs is very different. The moods for the years vary wildly: “All Will be Well” by the Gabe Dixon Band, “Many the Miles” by Sara Bareilles and this year “Beauty in the World,” Macy Gray.  Buy those (don’t download illegally). I did . On iTunes.

What would your theme song for last year be?

Here are all 3 iMovies (& 2013 & 2014’s added in later, too). I hope you enjoy…

Screenshot 2015-02-14 14.08.28click photo to play 2014 Year in Review

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  1. Happy New Year, Rebecca!

    That was a great video and very fitting song. I have to say, Mr. Mufasa stole the show. He’s so photogenic!

    My 2012 wasn’t so great: my theme song would have to have a lot of cuss words and screaming- some heavy metal/gangsta rap mash up 🙂

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