Yo! The Hotel

We had a big adventure this week in Gatwick airport. Our flight from New York arrived early at 9:30 a.m. but my flight to Milan didn’t leave until 5 p.m. I desperately needed sleep so I looked around for a hotel for a few hours. What I found was yet another new experience! The YOTEL — Japanese-style capsule hotel — just opened in Gatwick on Sunday.

They’re bizarre little spaces, fully automated — you can order alarms and food through the tv, the bed rolls out at the touch of a button, the desk and chair were folded up flat against a wall to be set up if desired. The girl at the front desk said they’d been booked solid and all they had was a premium cabin for four hours. Since it was the premium cabin, it was really more like a hotel room than a capsule. It looked exactly like this picture from their Web site.

It can’t go in the Fine Things blog just yet, as it was noisy and I wonder if it’ll stay clean long-term… but it sure was great to have a bed with fresh sheets, a little privacy, a bathroom to freshen up and all right there in the South Terminal. We paid about 60 GBP, I think, for four hours. It was a lot, in my estimation, but at that point I was so tired it was completely worth it.

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